Banquet and Conference Center – Café – Special Occasion Catering

Cocktail & Platter Menus

Prepared and served onsite or delivered, Sans Souci will make your occasion a special occasion.


All options included with servers in attendance.

Putting on the Ritz all options included – $45.00

Seven of Each Hot & Cold Options – $24.50

Five of Each Hot & Cold Options – $17.50

Three of Each Hot & Cold Options – $14.50  

** Prices reflect a per person expense based upon a minimum of 45 persons Service fees may vary when numbers are below 45 persons 


Tapas Puff Pastry – Rolled and filled puff pastry with either black oil, walnut paste, or Genoa salami, sun dried tomato, roasted red pepper & smoked gruyere cheese


Filo Medallions – Filled with either poached chicken with feta or seafood medley


Hummus & Pita – Garbanzo bean dip with pita breadSushi


Oysters on the Halved Shell


Salmon, Gravlox or Smoked – Fresh cured salmon served on sliced French stick with lemon herb butter or rolled in a crepe with a asperigus spear and herb cream cheese


Vegetable Crudites & Herb Dip


Crab Cakes


Mini Quiche – Varieties of Chef’s creations served at room temperature


Savoury Puffs – Filled with curried chicken, crab or ham


Gazpacho Shooters


Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus or Fruit – Thinly sliced Italian ham wrapped around spears of asparagus, pears, apples or melons 


Bruschetta Bread – Chunky tomato and basil in balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil served as a topping for garlic toasted pita and baguette with fresh grated Parmasean cheese


Chilled Shrimp – Portuguese, Cocktail or Pickled


Poached Filets of Chicken – Wrapped in leaf lettuce and dill cream


Marinated Sirloin-Carpachio style sirloin on a toasted baguette with brandy flamed portabella mushroom and fresh grated parmasean


Tomato Boccochini skewer with basil herb oil


Carmalized Pear & Apple with Brie Brandy Glazed TartCurry Grilled Pork Loin with Apple Butter on toast points


Blue Berry & Breast of Chicken Salad in a Puff Pastry tart


Steak Tartar on pumpernickle rounds


Red Wine Poached Pear with Brie Cheese & wrapped in Montreal Smoke Meat 


Deep Fried Won Tons – Won ton wrappers filled with either a spicy chicken , pork, peking duck or seafood stuffing shaped and deep fried, served with Thai chili sauce


Chicken Wings – Cajun, Satay or Thai sauces


Veal Croquet’s – Balls of lean ground veal with lemon, garlic and basil, breaded in parmesan and served with a tomato dipping sauce


Samosas – Potato and peas with chilies and cumin filling in a dough pocket, fried golden


Kebabs of Pork, Chicken or Beef – Done with a choice of Sautee, Greek or Cajun Blackened styles (ask for a vegetarian version if desired)


Coconut Breaded Shrimp


Maple Glazed Sausage Rolls


Bacon Wrapped Italian Sausage or Water Chestnuts


Breaded Smoked Gruyere


Meatballs, BBQ, Sweet & Sour or Sauerbraten


Rosemary lamb puff pastry pillows


Steamed Mussels Marinara 


Ricky Ricardo Chicken – Drumsticks in a sweet soya garlic marinate, grilled and sprinkled with peanuts


A Game Roast Station sliced with french sticks & red wine jus with roasted potatoes


Mini Hot Sandwiches & Burgers Ruebens, Melts, Philly Cheese etc.


Lamb Smoked Gouda & Roasted Cherry Tomato Skewers


Pizza Fritters


Bacon Wrapped Chicken Filet with Spicy roast pepper glaze 


Individual Service Dishes:

Whole Decorated Poached Salmon (8-10 Lb.) – $145.00

Whole Filet (half salmon) – $75.00


Cheese & Pate Tray: 

Five kinds of fine cheeses with a pate en crute, pickle varieties, fruit and biscuits. Ask about corporate or personal logos being reproduced on the pate pastry.


10-15 people – $40.00

25-35 people – $85

50-65 people – $125

65-80 people -$165

90-120 people – $225

120-150 people – $300 


Canape Tray

Smoked Salmon, Shrimp & Meats on toast point & biscuits with flavoured cream cheeses, along with medallions of Tapas & Filo, mini quiches & possible chef creations. 


20-30 people – $85

50-60 people – $150

80-100 people – $225

100-130 people – $280 


Chilled Shrimp – $75.00

Stuffed Pumpernickel – $35.00 


Salmon Gravlox:

1/4 side – $40.00

1/2 side – $65.00

Side – $90.00

Whole Fish (3 days notice required) – $145.00 


Crudites of Vegetable with Herbal Dip:

15-30 people – $25.00

35-50 people- $45.00

60-80 people – $65.00

90-120 people – $85.00 


Mini Quiches – $25.00

Tapas & Filo Plate – $65.00


Sweets & Pastries: 

12-20 people – $25.00

20-40 people-$50.00

40-60 people – $75.00

80-100 people – $120.00 


The Garden Party – $21.50 per person

Fine roasted meats & deli selections with appropriate condiments

Crudites of vegetables & dip

Hummus & Pita

Cheese & Pate Tray

Six choices of salad

Varieties of desserts

Fresh breads

Coffee & Tea


THE LATE NIGHTER – $19.50 per person

Fine roasted meats & deli selection with appropriate condiments

Crudites of vegetable & dip

Hummus & Pita

Three choices of salad

Fresh breads

Sweets & Pastries

IT’S TEA TIME – $9.50 per person

Sandwich Points

Crudites of vegetable & dip

Sweets & Pastries


IT’S TEA TIME PLUS – $11.50 per person

Sandwich Points

Crudites of vegetable & dip

Sweets & Pastries

Cheese & Fresh Fruit 

Prices reflect a per person figure.Prices reflect a drop off cost only. Prices are based upon a minimum of 45 persons unless otherwise stipulated. Prices may vary with functions under 45 in attendance. Prices are subject to change without notice. Delivery charges may be applied depending on distance. All functions include disposable plates and cutlery. China & Flatware are available at extra expense.Clean up fees for facility provided dishes are extra Service, Gratuity charges & HST ARE NOT INCLUDED.Non refundable deposit required upon booking.Payment Accepted by Cheque or VISA.